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After orientation

semi-overcast 20 °C
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Just had the orientation, got some pointers on what to do, i.e. open an account with a bank and getting a cell phone contract - will get to that these next days (at least the bank thing).
There wasn't much they could tell us about the car stuff, as the presenter was an obviously mechanically know-nothing-at-all woman. So we'll just ask those Germans who had the Voyager if they could give us some hints on that stuff.
I also just sent my application to that Indian restaurant on the West Coast trail, if everything runs smoothly I'll be flying under the radar from August 10th to 24th, as they won't have internet or a cell phone network there.
Should be quite a bit of fun, as there will be lots of stuff to do, and people to meet, followed by a 2 to 3 day hike through the wilderness to get back (we'll just need a tent for that).
Our biggest problem at the moment though is storing our useless stuff while we're out there in the wilderness. Hopefully we can put our small backpacks and any unnecessary stuff in the apartment of the friend of a fellow Work&Traveller - otherwise we'ld have to rent a 7x6x9 feet moving container, which, to be honest, seems a bit overkill...

So, I'm off again, checking those bank offers but will make sure to be on again before I ditch Vancouver for the wild ;)

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Getting things started...

semi-overcast 20 °C
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Now having seen most of the attractions in Downtown Vancouver, I find myself sort of lost... we spent the morning looking for a new hostel, since the one we were staying at was full, and we had only checked-in for 2 nights.
After some helpless wondering about we found one though, but we had to wait till 2 pm to check-in there. So waited, and went to the beach where we sat down and my thoughts trailed off to think about how much I hate to be without a goal or something to do...especially if you don't have a safe place to keep your stuff...it sucks. But just now, about 3 minutes ago, we finally set ourselves the next destination - some wwoofing at a restaurant tent on the West Coast trail. So, we just emailed the guy and are waiting for a response - should be some fun stuff to do there - especially since it doesn't cost anything (I spent enough money on a sleeping bag and some new shorts...waaaay too much for my taste).
But my main hopes still lie with the "orientation" from our organization tomorrow. Definately hoping to get some questions answered there...especially about buying a car, since owning a car would make everything so much easier. While we're at the car stuff: we already found 2 good ones being offered: one '86 VW bus with a canu on the roof and a '98 Plymouth Voyager, which was already modified to work as a camper van, and only cost $1200...one would have been perfect but was already sold when we called the seller (another german who was going home soon) and the other has a perfect feel to it but we haven't called since we wanna know the details about insurance etc first, and we don't even know if the car even drives...please let it be so!
Anyways...still getting used to the y-z mix up on these kezboards, and other than that...I think I about covered about all the news. See y'all around, peace

PS: pictures coming some time...just not now - want to chill out at the beach while the weather is good today ;)


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short update

27 °C
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After arriving at the airport - which was kind of freaky as it was completely desolated - and going through immigration, finding out that Canadians can be strangely friendly we stepped out and found the sun beating down on us with some 30 degrees... some chaos of finding out which bus to take ensued, and a couple of directions from more friendly Canadians finally got us downtown to our hostel.

There, we met up with Paul, who gave us some good ideas on what to do the next week or so (hiking and working for some indigenous folks on Vancouver Island).
Anyhow...we'll be headed out to buy a tent and more camping supplies, followed by some city seeing/beach chilling/rain forest walking - we'll see how much of which exactly.


PS: hostel bathrooms are seemingly not meant to have working showers and not-leaking pipes...at least not on my floor.

PPS: Oh, and I'll be uploading pictures at some point - even ones with Burning Ray - just not now because this PC doesn't have any sort of card access...


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Trip, as it is planned so far

dates are just approximates

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or whatever you do to chill...

sunny 20 °C
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After packing my huge backpack yesterday, going to the lake, getting a sunburn, drinking at a friends house and finally going to the city to party at the Ampere - THE club to be at in Munich if you have any decent taste in music and what's good for partying, especially if "Gute Laune Hoch 10" is on schedule that night - I finally arrived at home this morning at around 6am.

Said good bye to many people, told many more that I would keep in touch, lost sight of one buddy who suddenly disappeared but he'll show up somewhere at some point again :D
Aaaaand, got 2 Hamburgers sponsored by people who were kind enough to see to it that I got fed although I had absolutely no money on me (thanks Neli and Kadda).

So all in all, I'ld say: one successful fun filled night, that didn't cost me a cent - hrhr.

Still wondering if I'm gonna keep this here blog - will check that out later today.
But saved me an alternative, easier to memorize URL for my future blog, whether here or elsewhere... something along the lines of http://www.shirker.net.tc - neat, huh? althought that .tc at the end could get people trippin'....oh well, at least I don't have to pay anything for the domain.

Still need to check-in later to save me some good seats on my plane to Vansterdam (yes, Vancouver is also called Vansterdam - think of it what you will).


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